Ekphrasis: A Photo-Poetry Affair


noun ek·phra·sis \ˈek-frə-səs\

Definition of ekphrasis

plural ek·phra·ses also ec·phra·ses play\-ˌsēz\

  1. :  a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art


From the mundane routine, the fast-paced , and what is completely dormant and still-they say a picture is worth a thousand words. A photograph may sometimes only be “felt” and sensed with the eyes, yet there might be a new way of “feeling” and sensing it: when you give a still image a new wave of life. Sometimes I ask myself: Is there a different way of seeing this image? Only soon to realize that the image must be read~ such is the conveyance of ekphrasis. This interpretation does not only apply to photography but to various artistic mediums as well. And poetry also being a muse that hits me ever so often, decided to combine both! Whether it be haiku, prose, free-verse, there is no limit to what the outcome can be in my photo-poetry affair 😉

So here is an intimate look; a collection of poetry written in response to certain subjects I’ve shot.

Caminando, ando

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