Cada Mochila Es Un Sueño Viajado


“…Despite of the unmentioned adventures I had in the Amazonas it brought me to the conclusion of how ignorant I am when it comes to respecting Mother Earth. Or more like unconscious in general. But I also know through experience there is always room for improvement. And it’s never too late to start all over again. To become acutely aware of how my present decisions have long-term consequences not only for me but those around me. Trying to be one with the world and respecting and understanding the interior realm of my fellow lonely martians that cohabit this lonely planet with me. We have to seize our chances when the opportunities are available. And sometimes the answer is right in front of our face (literalmente) that we look past it. Looking for hidden meanings in the stars or whatever it is we believe in. While doing so, we fail to follow our own divine intuition. In the depths of forgiveness we give grace new meaning. The Amazonas is something that needs to be experienced and words don’t do it justice. On my last day in the Amazonas I noticed a mural by the park. An art mural I didn’t notice before. I glanced at it and it read: Cada mochila es un sueño viajado …”












Every backpack is a dream traveled…